29, Feb 2024
Men In Black: The Series – GameBoy Color

Game Cheat Code, Tips and Hints for: Men In Black: The Series – GameBoy Color


Enter the password 0601. An error message will appear. Press START and this will take you back to the command center screen.

Start playing the game.

While standing still press and hold SELECT + UP to fly. While in the air press LEFT or RIGHT to move and press DOWN or SELECT to land.

Get Noisy Cricket

Put in the fly code. Then hold SELECT + A. There should be a lightning symbol next to lives. Stand back and press the shoot button to fire off a massive blast!


Level 2: Manhattan – 2710
Level 3: Sewer System – 1807
Level 4: Aerodome – 0309
Level 5: Rooftops – 2705
Level 6: Woods – 3107
View Game Celebration: -1943

Stage And Checkpoint Skip

Enter the password 2409 then start a new game. To skip to the next stage pause the game and press SELECT. To warp within a stage, pause the game and press A to advance to the next checkpoint.

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