17, Nov 2022
Mickey’s Speedway USA – GameBoy Color

Game Cheat Code, Tips and Hints for: Mickey’s Speedway USA – GameBoy Color

Shortcuts In Utah

When you get to Utah in 1-Player Racing Mode, notice that there are sometimes two paths. You might want to take the narrower paths. These paths are also the ones that the other three computerized racers don’t used. The paths will get you ahead of the others.

Shortcut In San Francisco

It’s not really a path like in Seattle and Utah, put it is shorter. If you go left of the trolley, then it is a bit shorter than going right of the trolley. Remember that computer opponents never use shortcuts.

Shortcut In Seattle

There is one shortcut in Seattle. There is one part of the railroad that is not blocked off that you can go through. It may help because Seattle is very complicated course to go through. Remember that computer opponents never use shortcuts.

More About Shortcuts In Utah

There are actually three shortcuts in Utah. Only use the first two (these shortcuts are on the right.) When you get to the third shortcut, the shortcut is on the left. Go to the right. The reason is because there are plants that you must dodge in the third shortcut. It’s easier just to not to take that shortcut. The shortcuts are also useful in Time Travel. (It will take less time!) And of course you can get ahead of your opponent in 2-Player Mode.

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