2, Sep 2020
Midnight Club 2 – Xbox

Game Cheat Code, Tips and Hints for: Midnight Club 2 – Xbox

Unlock SLFA50X

Come in first place in Tokyo, LA and Paris in arcade mode.

Unlock Tokyo cop car

Win all circuit races in arcade mode in the Tokyo city.

Unlock LAPD car

Win all the circuit races in LA.

Unlock Paris cop car

Win all circuit races in Paris with Arcade Mode.

Change Difficulty Settings

Highlight “Options Mode”, then press Down to highlight “Option: Cheat Codes” and press X. Then, enter one the following codes to adjust the difficulty level of the game:

howhardcanitbe0 (Easiest)
howhardcanitbe9 (Hardest)

Smart Bike Glitch

When racing with a motorcycle, crash. As soon as you do press start then continue race. Your guy will be off the bike, but it will still ride.

Drive with a completely wrecked car

Just blow yourself up and pause it before the game resets you. Now unpause. Your car’s components will now be as bashed up they can be just like if you blew up. Doing this also keeps you from blowing up as easily, a real help in races. To get your original car back, simply either run into a gas pump or start the race over. This cheat should work in all modes.

Ghost rider

This works on career mode and multiplayer mode, but if you have unlocked the Cohette which is the motorcycle, go to any one of those modes and chose the Cohette as your vehicle. Then if or when you crash press start and wait a couple of seconds and then go to continue race. Instead of a guy with a helmet on your bike you will have an invisible ghost rider.

No Rider

Ok first get a bike. Then crash the bike and make your rider fall off. Once the rider is off, hit start. Then unpause it. You will have no rider on your bike! May take a couple tries.

Unlimited Nitro

Start Midnight Club 2 for Xbox and go to the Options Menu. Once there find Cheat Codes and enter zoomzoom4 to get Unlimited Nitro. Note: This works for bikes to.

Machine Gun/ Rockets

Start Midnight Club 2 for Xbox and go to Options menu. Find Cheat Codes and enter lovenotwar to enable machine guns and rockets on cars and bikes. Note: Click left thumbstick for machine guns and hit white button for rockets.


When you start Midnight Club 2 for Xbox. Go to the Options menu and find where it says Cheat Codes. Then type in hotwired to unlock all cars, cities, etc.

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